Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Make It With Wool Contest

The 2009 Texas Make It With Wool Contest was held on Saturday, November 28th at the Y.O. Ranch Resort and Hotel in Kerrville, Texas. Sponsoring the event were the Texas Women’s Auxiliary of the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Assoc. and Kerrville Wool and Mohair, Inc. managed by Justin Stieler. State Director, Brenda Seidensticker, and  Assistant Director, Suzy Stewart, organized and conducted the contest. Judges were Betty Burton of Ingram, Scott Allen of Kerrville, and Connie Bernhard of Harper, Texas. There were participants in 5 divisions; Pre-teen, Junior, Senior, Adult, and Made for Others.

Participants in the Texas contest received wool fabric from Pendleton Wool in Oregon. In addition, winners received cash from the Women’s Auxiliary and mohair fabric given by the Mohair Council of America. In the over 24 (Adult division), Fashion Design Assistant Professor, Li-Fen Anny Chang (張禮芬) won and represented Texas in the National Adult contest. The garment, a DVD and photos were sent in and judged by the National committee, 2010 National Make It With Wool Competition. There were 25 entries. Anny won Honarable Mention along with ladies from Oregon and Ohio (photo taken by Scott Allen, Boss Photos).