Sunday, April 4, 2010

Intern opportunity at Carissa Rose


Help design Carissa Rose’s SS’11 line. This includes two dresses and three ‘white shirts’. We want our summer intern to understand the Carissa Rose concept and consumer and help us craft a SS’11 line that wows our client and of course gets lots of press coverage – a must when doing one’s own PR.

Design: whether its by sketching/draping or a combination.
Source: we have sources here to peruse and we can introduce the intern to more sources if needed.
Fit: it is a big plus if the intern can sample her own designs and we will have a fit meeting. We will have fit meetings with our pattern maker to assess intern’s patterns.

Address: 606 Northlake Drive, Dallas TX 75218
Hours: we are flexible. We work out of our home, where our showroom is located, so it is OK if the intern works out of her/his home to meet the program’s hourly requirements, especially since this is a design internship. Specifically, we’d like to have the intern in the office for two days a week/5 hours a day.
Pay: the Carissa Rose 2010 internship is not a compensated position. This is an opportunity to experience first hand what it takes to launch a fashion line and sell directly to the consumer.

Media: intern will work with us as we plan two new videos and our fall photo shoot, all of which will take place this summer.
Vendors: intern may accompany us as we meet with vendors, the keys to making garments, giving the intern valuable local contacts.

Carissa Brown, tel. 214.727.9625
TV segment featuring Carissa Rose White Shirts
founder, designer,

Interested students should send an email to this address with the following attachments.

1. cover letter stating student's interest in the internship and student's strengths that will benefit Carissa Rose
2. resume
3. at least three examples of completed garments

Deadline for application:
Friday, April 16. We will notify entrants via email if they are selected to be interviewed. Interviews will take place on Friday, April 23, located TBD.