Thursday, May 10, 2012

Textile/Graphic CAD Designer for The Apparel Group

Textile/Graphic CAD Designer for The Apparel Group

Executes textile/surface designs, colorings, and repeats through the use of the computer aided weave/print/knit software dedicated to soft goods industry. Working knowledge of fabric construction as well as current textile and graphic design software.

1. Integrates hand and computer skills to create original yarn dye woven, prints and knits design.
2. Research, develop seasonal color and trend and interpret into saleable textile designs.
3. Provides technical support on execution of various types of complex weave and new fabrications to mill vendor as well as designer.
4. Develop original logo, packaging and trim concept per customer’s specification
5. Create storyboards, marketing material for seasonal presentation.
6. Must have good color sense and is able to match color, understand color and how it translates from CAD to fabric and garment.
7. Maximum utilization of CAD equipment and personnel to support both branded and private label product development.

1. Works with designers, design director to implement seasonal concepts consistent with appropriate strategies and work flow. 2. Coordinates with other textile designers to increase knowledge of design techniques and system improvement.
3. Works with systems manager and coordinator to resolve technical issues and to analyze/anticipate future needs.

Three to Five years of textile/graphic design experience. A two to four years art and design degree or equivalent in business experience.

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