Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Volunteers Needed for September 18th by Rhonda Sargent Chambers

Volunteers needed for September 18th, a wonderful opportunity to help Whitney!
Please contact Rhonda Sargent Chambers directly to confirm if you are interested,
5pm to 10pm for All Volunteers!  (NEEDING 25 HELPFUL VOLUNTEERS)
Duties:  Fashion Show Dressers and After Event Tidy Up!
South Side Lamar – 1409 South Lamar Street, Dallas, Tx 75215
Parking is free in the back west corner of Belleview Street, off of S. Lamar!
Wear All Black:  comfortable shoes and nice black cocktail attire!
Eat Dinner before arrival please!  Light snacks will be available.
Producer:  Willie Johnson, Wj3 Productions,  469-682-6397, wjiii.brander@gmail.com
                And Rhonda Sargent Chambers, Production Coordinator, 214-707-7724