Friday, September 21, 2012

Scoular Hall

Dear Fashion Design Students and Faculty,

I have been very involved (along with other faculty) in the planning of our new facility during  last spring, summer, and this fall. Just last week I attended a meeting at which the architects presented a first draft of what our new building on Welch & Chestnut will look like. I must say, I was very pleased to see what they have planned for the Fashion Design classrooms, studios, and offices.  I feel confident that the University officials and administrators respect our program and all of our needs and that we will be able to continue our program as well if not better in the new facility.

Scoular Hall has been a great home for us for the past 20 years and has served us well. I personally have so  many good memories of all of the students, faculty, and great FASHION, that has walked down the halls of Scoular.  Seeing the end of an era is always bittersweet and although we will miss the location, we will continue to have a thriving program and a much better facility to exist, and create in!

I will update you all as we progress in the new building and relocation.

My best,

Janie Stidham
Associate Professor
Fashion Design Program Coordinator
College of Visual Arts + Design
University of North Texas