Friday, March 1, 2013

TRASHion Fashion Show 2013

TRASHion Dates to Remember:
 SCRAP Workshop Use Dates:
March 13, from 1 – 3 pm
April 10, from 5:30 – 7:30 pm
North Branch Library Workshop dates:
Feb. 27th,  March 27th and April 3rd
From 7 – 8:30 pm

TRASHion Rules 2013
  1. No new materials may be used. Garments must be made from discarded and recyclable items. Examples of items: newspaper, books, shopping bags, garbage bags, old fabric, cardboard, plastic anything, product packaging, CDs, floppy disks, film negatives, etc.
  2. Nothing dangerous (i.e., no sharp edges).
  3. Collaborations/group entries are allowed.
  4. All entries must be accompanied by a short description of their creation that will be read while it is being modeled at the show due by the April 13th photo shoot.
  5. Submit an environment factoid by April 1 that connects with your fashion to be read on stage, please include the source used and date the source was published. Example: Sara’s dress is made of 138 sheets of previously used paper; in the US we throw away 4.5 million tons of office paper each year! If you need help coming up with a factoid please contact Alana ( or Juli ( Please do not wait until the last minute to ask for help.
  6. Due to the nature of our all-ages, educational event we request that designs are not too revealing and models may be asked to wear secondary clothing underneath their design if it is too revealing.
  7. You may sew, stitch, tape, hot glue, glue, rivet, staple, whatever it takes to hold the piece together. If you can use items you already own or a neighbor may be getting rid of or purchase some of these items at SCRAP Denton, a thrift store or garage sale, even better.
Additional Info:

Designers can select their own models or model the TRASHion themselves. We may also have volunteers who want to model, so if you are in need of a model let us know. Models do not need any prior fashion experience but should be ready to best represent the fashion on the runway.  Models and designers must have a model release form completed by April 1, 2013.