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2014 IFTF ReMix International Fur Design Competition

2014 IFTF ReMix International Fur Design Competition
Categories and Entry Requirements

Fur Information Council of America is pleased to announce the 13th Annual IFTF ReMix International Fur Design Competition, and we invite your students to participate in this exciting event. Last year’s contest saw close to 60 entries from 16 different schools around the country, and we anticipate this year to be even bigger!

This competition offers your students and your school:
  • Worldwide exposure and a chance to have your students’ designs exhibited at MiFur the prestigious international fur fashion trade show held in Milan, Italy.
  • The chance to win generous cash prizes
  • The chance to receive paid travel to Milan for MiFur
  • Exposure in leading international fashion magazines

The four categories, all of which your students are eligible for, that the 2014 IFTF ReMix International Fur Design Competition is comprised of are as follows:

ReMix International Design Award
The Remix International Fur Design Category is the main category for students to enter.  Garments/designs can be of any nature (i.e. coats/jackets, suites, capes, shirts, dresses etc.) and can be designed for both the female and male fashion category.

Menswear Award
The Menswear category showcases some of the innovating designs and techniques in the men’s design category. The ‘Pimp My Coat’ award is open to all students. Students are permitted to submit their best designs for men’s fur fashion including outerwear and ready to wear designs.

Origin Assured Award
Origin Assured, OA™ is the category created for designers submitting pieces in which 100% of the fur used within the garment must be made up of OA™ approved fur. It will be necessary to provide evidence clearly showing that the fur is OA™ (i.e. a statement to this effect on the suppliers company headed paper).

Pimp My Coat’
The ‘Pimp My Coat’, which was devised by the Young Fur Trader’s Committee [YFTC, provides yet another opportunity for designers to be recognized internationally for their designs. The ‘Pimp My Coat’ award is open to all students. Designers entering the REMIX International Designer and Origin Assured Award can also enter the ‘Pimp My Coat’ category.

To take part in this category, your student designer(s) need to complete the entry form and send a color sketch and a short description of the processes and rationale behind their redesign.
The ‘Pimp My Coat’ winner will be selected by the International jury on the basis of creativity, innovation and rationale and will be announced in January with the finalists of the other design categories.

The ‘Pimp My Coat’ winner will be gifted with their design, which will be manufactured from a vintage garment. The winning designer will be invited to attend the finale of REMIX in Milan to see their wining garment previewed on the runway. Their garment will also be displayed in a prominent position alongside International Designer Award and Origin Assured Winners during MIFUR.

Please sign and complete the attached entry form and include the correct supporting information as indicated below.
·      Completed Contest Entry Form (please include a separate form for each entry)

·      Student Biography

  • At least (1) Color Rendition / Sketch of Garment concept being submitted Preferred format is electronic jpeg file no larger than 2MB. If you are submitting via mail, drawing must be no larger than 8 ½ x 11 inches)

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 For more information, a complete list of important dates, rules, or entry form, please e-mail Fashion Design faculty member.