Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fashion Design Building & Class locations

The Fashion Design department and classrooms have been relocated to the following location:

Welch Street Complex I
405 S. Welch St.

This is the new building on Welch Street, on the southeast corner of Welch & W. Chestnut St.
The exterior of the building and sidewalks are still under construction, but you are fine to enter the building.  You can enter by the front ramp/doorway which faces Welch or on the east side (in the back) there is another ramp/doorway which you may enter and that will bring you in right by the Fashion Design classrooms. Just be careful on the temporary walkway!

Here is a list of the Fashion Design classes and their room locations:

Classes in Welch St. Complex I:
ADES 1560 (all sections):  Room 151
ADES 2550 (all sections):  Room 153
ADES 3550 (all sections):  Room 150
ADES 3580                   :  Room 149
ADES 4550 (all sections):  Room 150
ADES 4590                   :  Room 150
ADES 4595                   :  Room 149

Other Fashion Design Classes not in Welch St. Complex I:
ADES 1550                   :  Art Bldg. 223
ADES 3570 (all sections):  Art Bldg. 233

Janie Stidham
Associate Professor
Fashion Design Program Coordinator