Saturday, October 19, 2013

Internship Opportunity at the STATUS

Below are some of the responsibilities and tasks associated with the internship position.  We are a small company, which will allow for you to be exposed to the many facets of running a design company.

Clean and merchandise the boutique space.
    steam the product
    merchandise the clothing racks
    merchandise the mannequins
    clean furniture
    Sweep floor
Check in product for production shipping
    Pick up from Teresa (ensure all pieces are there)
    Double check product according to the invoice
    Pack product in the proper shipping method with the invoice and proper UPS labels
    Ensure that all product is tagged appropriately
Create hang tags for production
    Print labels for hangtags in Microsoft Word
    Going off the cut ticket, I prepare hang tags ahead of time to give to Teresa along with the cut
    If not completed before receiving product from Teresa, I tag and ensure all product is properly tagged.
Track inventory
    Spread sheet creation for incoming inventory
    Circa Inventory once a month
    Inventory updates on STATUS shopping website (new product [pre-orders], and current stock)
Marketing tasks
    Email blast
    Monitoring STATUS facebook (posts, communications, etc)
    Updating the website
    Organizing photos
    Scheduling product photoshoots for upcoming lines
    Hostess at STATUS events
    Cut fabric swatches for line sheets (three sets, Sarah, Dan, Emmalena)
    Prepare line sheets (printing, organizing, attaching swatches)
    Pack samples to be shipped (include copy of inventory sheet and file inventory sheet for records)
    Organize back office
    Minor photo editing (sometimes)
    Marketing images creation
    (in the future?) Look books
    (in the future) follow up with customers about shipments and stock quality, possibly get re-orders