Saturday, October 19, 2013

T-shirt design contest

The theme is "Austin Live Music", so for people not as familiar with the Austin "vibe" we've put together this synopsis to help spark their creativity. There is no entry fee & the winner wins $200, will benefit from national exposure via Facebook & Twitter, will get 24 of their own t-shirts. The biggest benefit is that the winning t-shirt design will be sold; showcased at Wild About Music on 6th in Austin during SXSW!! SXSW draws 300,000 annually and 6th St. is the dead center of it all. Visit to get more details.
Shirts should capture the Austin Music vibe. Austin is a town known for its indie live music scene and songwriter culture. Home to large music festivals; events such as SXSW; Austin City Limits there is never a dull moment in this creative melting pot. The slogan "Keep Austin Weird" about sums it up. While all types and genres are embraced we are known for a bluesy roots rock, which is often combined and informed, by our significant Tejano culture and more recently a hipster Indy rock scene. The instrument most often associated with Austin is the Guitar. Other iconic symbols of Austin may be included such as our State Capital, Bats, Armadillos, River, Hills, Technology, Colleges and more. Before you throw everything but the "kitchen sink" into your designs...keep in mind current fashion trends and trends in graphic design. The shirt needs to appeal to people who "want to wear it" and will be printed on a softer premium blank so be sure your design has fashion appeal.