Friday, July 31, 2015

Fashion Crowd Challenge 2015 (FCC)

Signing up for this competition will yield a number of benefits to participants, including a full evaluative report (“Designer Growth Report”) received at the end of the competition, rich with feedback from fashion-loving laypersons. Winners also receive the chance to receive one of several prizes. Prizes include publishing deals with international fashion magazines, and opportunities to debut their designs in the upcoming FCC Fashion Show for non-professionals. In addition, a package totaling USD 250,000 will be set aside to help support the manufacture, promotion and marketing of the winning designers. 

Pre-registration of FCC 2015 began on July 15th. Submission of works will be from September 10th to October 7th and evaluation will be from October 8th through October 15th. The final results will be announced on October 16th. Anyone over the age of 14 can register for the competition. For further information, please visit